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Where Beads Are Made

Since China joined the WTO in 2001, the production of beads has been transferred from Hong Kong and Taiwan to the coast of the mainland.
At present, the main factories are concentrated in Huizhou and Haifeng in Guangdong province, others also in Shenzhen, Yiwu, Wuzhou city.

Huizhou factories mainly produces snowflake obsidian, white howlite, rose quartz, Jasper, turquoise, sodalite, unakite, magnestite, rivestone, Rhodonite, and Jade,  the whole process of machine production of beads is realized, and the production cost is low, so these beads sell cheap.
Haifeng factories mainly produces high-end beads products like kyanite, kunzite, apatite, ametrine, malachite, tourmaline, morganite, peridot, emerald, opals and so on. Many raw materials are small and need to be filled with glue in the early stage, which can reduce the loss of raw materials. At the same time, many rare stones can be made into beautiful beads. Now factories are also popular to make many shapes. for example facteted cube, faceted lantern, faceted retangle, faceted tube, teardrop, rectangle, and double tip faceted round.
Guangzhou has become a wholesale market for semi-precious stones, brings all the beads produced by factories together. In the early morning, a truckload of trucks transported beads produced by Haifeng and Huizhou factory in to Liwan Square in Guangzhou, where bead supplier who deal with beads sell beads to all over the world. Guangzhou Liwan Plaza is like a large supermarket. Each stall sells different types of beads.
I am one of the bead sellers in Guangzhou. I have lived with beads for 6 years. Since then, my life has opened up the world of semi-precious loose beads.